‘What the HealthTech?’ is a podcast from Radar Healthcare. A platform for professionals in health and social care to have open discussions on creating change, tackling challenges and making an impact on people’s lives. Each week we’ll be talking to industry leaders, organisations making a difference and our team of experts to share ideas and learnings with you. So tune in for all the latest in healthcare! Make sure you subscribe and look out for your new episode every Thursday!

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Ep011: Bridging the Gender Gap

Senior Marketing Manager Justine Abson speaks to Public Policy Project's Health Equity Advisor Lottie Moore on the health issues that women and girls face and how poli...

Ep010: People and Partnerships

This week, Rob Place interviews Mark Harrison, Customer Success Manager about the importance of partnership working and what organisations need to look for in a suppli...

Ep009: Shaping the Future of Public Policy

Hayley Levene speaks to Lee Davies and Lottie Moore from Public Policy Projects, all about the work they do to influence public policy and the impact this could have o...

Ep008: Supercharging the Adoption of Innovation

This week, Paul Johnson and Mark Fewster reflect on the recent roundtable session Radar Healthcare ran at Digital Health Rewired in March.

Ep007: Gaining the ideal work culture

In this week's episode, Hannah Wilkinson, Head of People and Culture is a guest. Hannah talks about how a positive workforce culture can help you to attract and retain...

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